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What is Cloud Security Assessment?


Cloud applications have already become a vital element of the digital infrastructure of every solid technological brand. Cloud is used by companies to store sensitive information. That is why it becomes a lucrative target for cybercriminals. One of the most effective security measures that can be taken by companies to protect their cloud is cloud security assessment conducted by professional vendors such as Hacken. 

Hacken’s cloud security assessment experts provide expert advice on the implementation of security controls for cloud-based solutions and deliver high-quality test and audit services to demonstrate the efficiency of the controls. The cloud security assessment methodology followed by Hacken is based on best practices as established and defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Cloud Security Project guidelines.

When conducting cloud security assessments, Hacken experts use both automated cloud security testing tools and manual techniques to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may threaten the security integrity of the cloud platform. Typical issues identified during cloud security assessment include misconfiguration errors, unnecessary services, missing critical security patches as well as server application code errors.

Hacken’s cloud security assessment services include coverage of:


  • Access and authentication controls
  • Client virtual segmentation and compartmentalization
  • Hypervisor access controls
  • Server security configuration and build
  • Incident reporting and logging
  • Incident response planning


The benefits of cloud security assessments


Cloud security assessments provide for analysing the entire cloud environment of a client to determine the scope and directions of possible attacks. Also, cloud security assessment can show companies the weak elements in the internal and external components of their cloud infrastructure. Based on the results of the cloud security assessment, a security vendor provides a client with a list of recommendations by implementing which a client can address the weaknesses identified in its cloud infrastructure and prevent the emergence of flaws in the future. 


The impact of cloud security assessments on projects’ competitiveness


Upon passing a cloud security assessment, a company gets the report describing the strategies it should take to strengthen the security of its cloud infrastructure. These strategies include specified steps, the project should only correctly implement them. 

By applying for cloud security assessment services a project can improve its risk management policy and, thereby, create favourable conditions to become compliant with major international regulatory standards such as GDPR and HIPAA. Also, a high-quality security assessment will allow companies to make reasonable decisions regarding the investment of funds into new security solutions. Overall, regular cloud security assessments allow projects to extract maximum benefits from the development of their cloud infrastructure. 


Why is cloud security assessment a vital process for every solid brand?


Cloud infrastructure has already become the core element ensuring the rapid development of the global digital world. The dependence of projects on their cloud infrastructure will be rapidly increasing. That is why the projects that put the security of their cloud environment in the first place today are likely to gain competitive advantages over other companies in the future since the risk that malicious actors can compromise data belonging to their users after cloud security assessment is very low. However, it’s of the greatest importance for companies to choose a reputable provider of cloud security assessment services. 



Hacken's methodology of cloud security assessment

The cloud security assessments by Hacken generally consist of 3 main phases:

  • Discovery: a review of service level agreements and security certification evidence;
  • Vulnerability scanning: identification of vulnerabilities in configuration settings as well as logical and physical security weaknesses associated with the target environment. Vulnerability scanning is undertaken externally from the host environment to expose any weaknesses that are available for an internet-based attacker to exploit. As a result, the vulnerability scanning phase of the cloud security assessment by Hacken does not cause any damage to the systems under test;
  • Vulnerability analysis: during this phase of cloud security assessment Hacken specialists determine the severity level of each identified threat depending on the possible impact of threat realization, the age of the vulnerability, availability of exploits, the availability of patching solutions, and any other factors that may affect the risk level.


  • Why do hackers actively target cloud infrastructure?

    Companies use cloud infrastructure to store sensitive corporate data as well as personal information of their clients and, generally, any information that is valuable for their business activities. That is why cloud infrastructure is actively targeted by hackers.
  • What are the typical issues looked for by security experts during cloud security assessment?

    The list of typical issues looked for Hacken experts during cloud security assessment includes misconfiguration errors, unnecessary services, missing critical security patches as well as server application code errors.
  • What about cloud security assessment and regulatory compliance?

    Cloud security assessment allows companies to detect weaknesses and flaws in their cloud infrastructure that could lead to data compromise in case of their active exploitation by hackers. When a company takes real measures to reduce the risk of data compromise, its chances to become GDPR or HIPAA compliant increase significantly.
  • What elements does the process of cloud security assessment include?

    Hacken security specialists perform automatic and manual testing of client’s cloud infrastructure. At the end of the cloud security assessment, Hacken specialists provide a client with a list of recommendations on how to eliminate the detected flaws.
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The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.