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Data breach prevention with HackenProof

Data breach prevention with HackenProof

Data breaches have become common in international business. In March 2021, Indian fintech platform MobiKwik experienced a data breach affecting the personal information of more than 3.5 million users. In May 2020, the UK airline EasyJet reported on a data breach resulting in the exposure of information belonging to 9 million customers. Although both incidents occurred in highly regulated markets in which companies were obliged to follow national and international data protection guidelines and standards such as GDPR and PCI DSS, hackers could successfully compromise data. That is why only by adhering to security standards companies cannot guarantee the prevention of data breaches since malicious actors are likely to be a step ahead. Cooperation with projects specializing in security assessment such as HackenProof may allow businesses to detect system vulnerabilities before they may be exploited for malicious purposes. 

HackenProof: brief overview

HackenProof is the project that makes businesses resistant to cyberattacks by:

  • organizing bugs detection programs (known as bug bounty programs) for clients;
  • conducting security testing (penetration testing) to identify vulnerable points in clients’ resources;
  • keeping in touch with customers on any security matters.

HackenProof specialists have vast expertise in dealing with various types of digital threats and have not been involved in any malpractices.

“HackenProof is more than a single project. It is a whole ecosystem that unites enthusiastic hackers from all over the world who strive to grow professionally by addressing new cybersecurity challenges. We realize that only by fully delivering on the promises given to clients HackenProof may sustain its strong status in the market. We treat every customer as our most important business partner,” says HackenProof CEO Evgenia Broshevan.   

Key indicators

Since its appearance in the market in 2017, HackenProof has grown from a small initiative into one of the leading cybersecurity projects in the world. Look at the figures below to see HackenProof business results:

  • 50+ customers have become more resistant to cyber threats;
  • 750+ bugs detected;
  • 4600+ white hat hackers looking for vulnerabilities;
  • $270,000+ paid by clients to hackers for revealed bugs.

You may find more information on our active and completed bug bounty programs here.


The list of HackenProof customers includes leading businesses and agencies representing such sectors as financials, information technologies, sharing economy, government, crypto industry, and others. HackenProof is considered a top bug bounty program for crypto exchanges. Look at the picture below to see some of the HackenProof customers.

There are also clients who prefer not to disclose any information regarding their vulnerabilities to the public. They still associate hackers mostly with criminal groups or malicious actors. Nevertheless, even such companies entrust HackenProof with testing their security that constitutes the indicator of our adherence to business ethics and reliability. Businesses start realizing that the risks of running a bug bounty program on professional platforms are much lower than the cybersecurity challenges they face every day in the market.

Steps required to run bug bounty program on HackenProof

Companies often suggest that the application for running a bug bounty program on professional platforms is a complex and very bureaucratic process that takes months. In reality, this process consists of 2 main steps including the development of a bug bounty brief and vulnerability management process. Just a few days after a client contacts HackenProof, a bug bounty program may get active status. You may view the scheme of HackenProof bug bounty program work here.

Why do companies run bug bounty programs on professional platforms?

Of course, you may ask why don’t companies run their own bug bounty programs without sharing any details with third-party platforms. There are rational considerations behind their cooperation with such projects as HackenProof since professional platforms:

  • have a large base of highly skilled hackers most of whom have special certifications;
  • are interested in monitoring hackers’ adherence to ethical standards to preserve their reputation in the market;
  • need minimum time to mobilize hackers;
  • provide 24/7 support;
  • assume all duties related to the organization and maintenance of a program;
  • offer attractive prices compared to potential expenditures companies may face when running bug bounty programs on their own. 

Businesses have no reasons for being afraid of running a bugs detection program on professional platforms. The risks are minimal, the benefits may be colossal!


For more information, please refer to the HackenProof web resources:

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Should you have any questions, feel free to reach us via chatbot on our website or fill in the form to contact the team.

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