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The leader this week, Binance exchange, attained a В GS of 6,89 as of November 7. It is worth noting that Binance stands significantly ahead of its competitors due to a consistently high Public Opinion score (7,43 “ 2nd place among 18 crypto exchanges covered by CER), Withdrawal & limits score (9,56 “ 2nd), and Cyber Security score (8,63 “ 4th). A stark contrast in the volatility of liquidity of both Binance and HitBTC is apparent when compared to the stability of В Bitmex.
Graph 1 displayed GS weekly dynamics for Top-3 exchanges. From Graph 1, which shows the dynamic of the Top-3 exchanges by GS, you can trace Binance`s negative trend in GS В during the week (-1,43 % from the beginning). Unlike Binance, Bitmex and HitBTC did not have any perceptible trend. The range of HitBTC’s GS is 0,48, while that of Binance is 0,10 and for Bitmex “ just 0,02(!). It is useful to note that such a range for HitBTC exchange was due to the significant rise on November 6, which subsequently fell back to previous levels the next day (+6,81% and -7,39% respectively). From the November 1 Binance`s GS dropped by 0,10 points, HitBTC`s GS “ by 0,08 vs Bitmex`s 0,01-point rise. The maximum GS values for this week were 6,99 for Binance, 6,90 for HitBTC, and 6,44 for Bitmex.

General Score Ranking

Table 2 shows heat mapped GS for all exchanges covered by CER one each day of the week together with their corresponding trends. Table 3 shows all exchanges GS daily changes during the November 1-7 week, as well as GS volatility.
Table 2 represents GS dataset with color rendering (from the lowest ranks “ red “ to the highest “ green). All exchanges are sorted by the newest ratings (GS on the last day “ November 7). Table 2 also has a Trend column, which graphically shows all the exchanges’ GS trends during the week. Table 3, on the other hand, represents the relative indicators such as daily GS changes and overall weekly GS volatility. The sharpest percentage growth this week as mentioned earlier was by HitBTC exchange on November 6, when its GS rise by 6,81% from 6,46 to 6,90. The absolute growth leader is also HitBTC “ its GS Tuesday had the largest rise in absolute values (+0,44 points per day). It is worth noting the aspiration to become a leader by Okex exchange: it rose four ranks В between November 3-5 and 7, especially on Sunday (+0,21 points (+3,91%)) which allowed this exchange to surpass Huobipro, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Poloniex by the end of the week (see Table 4).

However, the sharpest percentage drop was also by HitBTC (on November 7 its GS decreased by 7,39% to 6,39 points) “ it is also the week leader in the absolute drop, minus 0,51 points in just one day. The positive fluctuations by Okex and sharp rise and fall by HitBTC allowed these exchanges to have the highest volatility “ 0,16 and 0,17 respectively. Kucoin, Bittrex, and EXMO also show some kind of GS volatility (see Table3), but only Kucoin raised its GS from November 1 (+2,63%); Bittrex and EXMO dropped 0,20 and 0,13 points respectively.

Table 4 representsВ the ranks changes in CER GS.

The table shows that Kucoin and OkexВ moved closer to the leaders, up four positions this week due to stable growth (Okex) and a sharp rise (Kucoin) (see Table 3).В We also note that Bittrex lost 3 positions falling behind Bithumb, Kucoin, and Coinone. The situation in the second half of the table is determined by Huobipro, Bitfinex, and Kraken’s two positions fall and Gemini and EXMO crypto exchanges switching places.


Binance is leading our GS rank with 6,89 points on the November 7 and an average GS of 6,94 during the November 1-7.

The highest increase from the beginning of this week “ Okex (+7,69%).
The highest decrease from the beginning of this week “ Bittrex (-3,34%).
The highest GS daily increase “ HitBTC (+6,81% on November 6).
The highest GS daily decrease “ HitBTC (-7,39% on November 7).
The highest rank weekly growthВ “ Kucoin, Okex (+4 positions).
The most unstable (volatile) exchange “ HitBTC.
The most stable exchange “ Bitmex.

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    The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.