Hacken Products

At Hacken, we are passionate about bringing trust and safety to the digital world. Every product of the Hacken Ecosystem has a unique mission, but all of them strengthen and empower the cybersecurity industry. Hacken products protect digital users in a variety of ways and methods, coming together in a unified synergistic platform


Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) is a complex multi-factor scoring platform for exchanges. CER analyses exchanges according to wallet balance, trade volume, liquidity, cybersecurity, withdrawal & limits, and public opinion


HackIT is the International Cybersecurity Conference that unites the top industry players and the best technical experts worldwide. The conference has been held annually since 2015. HackIT is an invite-only community that unifies 500 CTOs, CISOs, CIOs, heads of IT departments, CEOs and top white hat hackers from all over the world to discuss cutting-edge topics in information security.

Why you should attend:
– find new sales leads & business opportunities;
– discover cybersecurity solutions;
– join an exclusive international cybersecurity community.


The HKN and EOSHKN tokens are digital assets issued by the Hacken Ecosystem. They are the lifeblood of the platform. The coins grant exclusive rights to benefits and discounts for all the services and products of the Hacken Ecosystem. They also act as the currency of ethical hackers and security experts who earn HKN and EOSHKN by helping protect digital companies around the world


Hacken believes that investing in the future of cybersecurity will lead to a safer digital world. By 2021, the cybersecurity industry will require 3.5 million more professionals. This is why we established a school to train young experts in this field. Only the most talented hackers will receive one of the limited spots in the school and learn for free from industry leaders


It’s been a great decision for Uklon to participate in an onsite live hacking event — Hacken Cup. For 9 hours, 25 ethical hackers have been testing our website and mobile apps. Throughout the whole day, Uklon’s technical team have been discussing reported vulnerabilities with hackers that were present at the event. We have been genuinely surprised by the amount of work they have managed to do in a single day. I think that Bug Bounty Programs are a great and cost-efficient way to strengthen security for large and mature companies.

Vitaliy Diatlenko, Uklon CTO

HackenProof is such an important and necessary platform for everiToken blockchain. Security is our first priority, so I appreciate the significance of the cooperation with HackenProof.

Harry Wong, everiToken CTO

HackIT 4.0 was one of the best organised cyber security conferences with quality speakers and experts from around the world that shared their insights on multiple levels. It really exemplified the significance of digital security and what we are facing in the world today.

Renqi Shen, Member of Fenbushi investment team, Director of BlockAsset