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7 important steps to ensure GDPR compliance in the data breach age

May 25, 2018, is an important date for every company’s calendar-it’s the day when GDPR comes into force. The new EU regulation made a lot of fuzz in legal and business circles because it considerably changes the rules of the game.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD), and a massive change in data privacy regulation is about to take place. GDPR will set new rules and strict requirements regarding consumer data: the way it is collected, used, transferred, stored, and protected between 3rd party businesses and entities.

The time is now! Starting today, we need to deal with the inevitable reality of GDPR.

As a lot of fear and uncertainty swirl around GDPR, Hacken’s security consultant, Alexey Denisyuk, shed some light on the new regulation in his article on 7 easy steps to GDPR compliance.

Step 1. Identify personal data and the processes in which they are used.
Step 2. Implement the «Privacy by Default» and the «Privacy by Design» principles.
Step 3. Minimize the use of personal data.
Step 4. Document implementation of the GDPR requirements.
Step 5. Obtain customer consent for the processing of personal data.
Step 6. Implement information security measures.
Step 7. How to react if data breach happens?

We hope you’ve already taken steps to comply with GDPR. To check whether you fulfilled the main requirements, be sure to review «7 important steps to ensure GDPR compliance at data breach age».

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