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Voting for the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition is starting

Voting for the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition is starting

Recently, Leo Andreo and backed by the Hacken team has organized the First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition to reveal and reward talented people all over the world. All smart ideas were received and the Hacken core team chose 10 best projects among 150. The initiatives of contestants of the competition were discussed during the AskMeAnything session that has taken place on the hackathon’s website from Feb 5 to Feb 11. Now, we have 3 finalists who are waiting for your votes!

Thus, during Feb 12-16, we will hold voting to identify the winners.

What prizes will the winners get? 

Hacken will award a winner with a unique visibility item:

  • 1st place – by Mr Leo Andreo and the Hacken core team. Prize – 600,000 HAI 
  • 2nd place – by the 4th level members of Hacken. Prize – 300,000 HAI  
  • 3rd place*  – by Hacken community members. Prize – 100,000 HAI  
  • Special prize from Hacken investor Mr. Leo Andreo – 5,000 USDT

*Google form for the voting will be published in the Hacken Club Official Telegram group 

Find out more about our finalists! Here is an AMA session summary:

  1. The world’s first cybersecurity marketplace for cryptocurrency and blockchain market

Problem: The market for cybersecurity services for crypto and blockchain projects is fragmented. According to the candidate, there is no single center that would combine the three sides of the relationship, namely customers (projects), cybersecurity companies, and ordinary users. As a result, customers have to spend a lot of time searching for information and choosing a solution, often falling for the tricks of fraudsters.

Solution: The solution that the first team has offered is a cybersecurity marketplace based on the recognizable Haken brand, which is synonymous with quality and security. It will become the point of interaction between blockchain protocols, crypto projects, and companies that provide cybersecurity services.

  1. Hacken Spotter — automated smart-contract auditor for a high-level screening of any smart contract

Problem: Most people who are involved in the crypto industry use smart-contract almost every day by sending money, locking the assets, etc. Due to the high price of a smart-contract audit, it leads to the fake smart-contract audits, as this service is unaffordable to the broad audience. In addition, there is a risk of hidden vulnerabilities while transferring money to the smart-contract address. 

Solution: To design a simple and affordable service that can detect hidden vulnerabilities in any smart contract in the shortest time. Depending on the smart contract’s size, the price may vary from 10 USD to 50 USD in HAI tokens. As a part of the Hacken Ecosystem, a HAI token will be used as a single payment method. 

  1. FBI — bot that removes fake pages

Problem: Most companies that develop their products are facing security holes such as fake news, which causes a decrease in their incomes and reputation. Thus, misinformation can be quickly diverted into a propaganda tool that affects customer’s life.

Solution: To prevent the spread of fake news, the team offers to design the bot that will search for the name mentioning and pictures of the client, and then report the information about the finding.

  1. Governance notes 

Problem: Most DeFi tokens are governance tokens such as UNI, COMP, YFI, 1INCH, that reach more than 500k users (check https://defipulse.com/). Accordingly, the ability of the big whales to make voting centralized affects the security of DeFi platforms.

Solution: The Governance notes project is similar to the Crystal/Chainalysis/CipherTrace but for DeFi governance voting. The application’s ecosystem can analyze the DeFi voting process and summarize conclusions on each voting. Using the methodology application users will be able to do their own research.

  1. AI Pentester 

Problem: As the market of global penetration testing is growing every year, it will continue to raise funds from $1.7 billion in 2020 to $4.5 billion by 2025. According to the Deloitte research, the work of the pentest expert costs 2,300 USD per month, independent external audit costs from 10, 000 USD. In contrast, an AI pentest will cost customers 1, 599 USD. 

Solution: To integrate AI pentester into the Hacken ecosystem at a more affordable price. Accordingly, the tool can make pentest faster than experts are usually doing it with more affordable prices.

  1. Hacken Dex 

Problem: The internet is dangerous, and a lot of hackers are prowling around here. The desire for quick profit and haste weakens our vigilance, and we become an easy target for fraudsters.

Solution: Hacken DEX is designed to prevent the creation of false pools, thus increasing security in the DeFi sector. The use of the VeChain ecosystem would allow for lower transmission costs and cross-chain transmission; this will attract small investors whose transaction costs took away their investment opportunities.

  1. xsstron ElectronJS Browser to Find XSS Vulnerabilities

Problem: The XSS is the most frequent bug on websites, which makes up 18% of the bugs found. New technologies make XSS more common, therefore there is a need for a tool that detects such issues. 

Solution: XSSTRON is an Electron/Chromium browser that automatically checks for XSS vulnerabilities while you browse the web, it can detect Reflected, Stored, and DOM type of XSS, if the request is GET or POST.

  1. Decentralized Hacked Website Database (DHWD)

Problem: This product solves a problem of internal war between hackers and companies.The first issue is a thirst for easy money, and the second is not where to apply your knowledge legally. Companies, on the other hand, do not notice the problem, so this project will help hackers start earning for each hacked site, and companies will finally start investing money in security.

Solution: DHWD offers to solve two problems. Hackers make money from their knowledge, and the company sends payment to solve the problem. The DHWD automatically sends a request to the company that a vulnerability was found on their website, for the solution of which the company will have to buy a DHWD token and credit it to the platform.

  1. disBalancer 

Problem: To create an anti-DDoS infrastructure, businesses have to spend a big deal of money or use services that provide DDoS protection. In addition, services themselves could be the victims of DDoS attacks. If an attacker can bypass the protection of the central balancer, it may lead to a denial to all customers connected to the service.

Solution: To design the disBalancer — a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure, solving a problem of DDoS attacks. 

  1. Hunter 

Problem: The lack of a tool that can remove offensive, dangerous, disreputable materials of the person or specific company from the web. 

Solution: Hunter – is a service within the HackenAI ecosystem that is able to restore the “right to be forgotten” on the web.

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