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VeChainThor Public Bug Bounty on HackenProof

With the beginning of VeChainThor Alpha Test at the end of this May, VeChain Foundation has started a Private Bug Bounty Program on HackenProof platform to test their product for security vulnerabilities (here is a link to our press release with more information).

We are happy to share the news that VeChain Foundation has decided to upgrade to a Public Bug Bounty program and that it has already been running for 2 weeks now!

VeChain Foundation is a non-profit entity founded within July 2017 in Singapore which is committed to the development and governance of VeChainThor Blockchain. It is governed by the steering committee that oversees the various functional committees within the foundation and represents the balanced interests of the VeChainThor blockchain’s stakeholders as a whole.

And to help secure data of their customers, VeChain Foundation turned to HackenProof to run a Public Bug Bounty program. VeChain will award hackers up to $10,000 for critical security issues.

By doing so, VeChain Foundation is making a firm statement of their commitment to security. We are very proud to be the platform of their choice and will do our best to deliver the best service possible.

We are therefore happy to invite all researchers to register for the program. You can find more information about VechainThor Public Bug Bounty program on their program page.

About VeChain:

VeChain is a leading global enterprise level public blockchain platform. VeChain aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model as well as advanced IoT integration, and pioneers in real world applications. Several industries including luxury goods, agriculture, logistics, food/drug, and governments are already using VeChain blockchain technology. For more information, please visit VeChain.org

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