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New Partnership: Hacken and Lithium

Great news for Hacken and our Community. We have entered into a partnership with Lithium, one of the most reputable venture capital companies in the world of crypto that is focused on promoting the growth of web 3.0 projects. It’s a great pleasure for our team to see the name Hacken on the list of Lithium’s partners near such famous industry brands as Adoriasoft, Dexfolio, BSC News, and others. 

Lithium functions in the fast-growing areas where there are huge opportunities for both emerging projects and their investors. However, the level of security risks faced by Lithium and the engaged parties is very high. The newer the technology, the higher the risk that there may be undetected security weaknesses posing threats to investors’ assets and projects’ competitiveness. 

The decision made by the Lithium team to enter into partnership with Hacken is a great indicator of the high level of professionalism and responsibility of our security engineers. The entities accumulating huge volumes of digital assets consider Hacken as a reliable security auditor and this trend has a sustainable nature. Industry leaders trust us and we will keep on proving our excellence in security audits. 

For the Hacken community, this partnership is a great opportunity to take a closer look at the Lithium ecosystem of innovative projects. By investing in highly promising projects functioning in the booming areas, investors can get huge returns while being sure that their assets are protected by Hacken. 

The Lithium team has set up ambitious plans for the future. That means that our security engineers will have a lot of work to do! We are looking forward to demonstrating our strong expertise by securing one of the leading venture capital companies in the world of booming technologies.

About Lithium 

Lithium is the venture capital company serving as an Incubator and Launchpad for founding teams while driving huge returns for investors. The company provides strategic guidance, technical support, and marketing expertise to founding teams. Investors can back the projects on BSC, Matic, and ADA protocols. The company’s Incubator, Launchpad, and Funds are powered by $EBSC token, the community-driven frictionless yield token. Token holders can get special fund management discounts and earn passive income. Lithium is focused on leveraging fast-growing technologies such as NFTs and will offer investors NFT to mark their investments. The team behind Lithium are highly skilled specialists with deep expertise in developing web 3.0 projects and blockchain adoption enthusiasts.

Lithium Website: https://lithium.ventures

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