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Haсken presents an educational project with blockchain industry leaders

Haсken presents an educational project with blockchain industry leaders

The Hacken team, along with the leaders of the blockchain industry including Binance and Bitfury, has participated in the educational series called “All about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies”. The series will become available to view on November 27.

The presentation of the educational series called “All about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies” took place on Friday, 27 November. The series has been developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with the support of the companies Hacken, Binance, and Bitfury. Everyone interested can complete the educational course on osvita.diia.gov.ua

“According to the research conducted by Deloitte, more than 39 per cent of people are afraid of using cryptocurrency since they are not sure of their security skills. The massive use of cryptocurrencies has become inevitable and the earlier Ukrainians learn how to use this technology, the higher potential we have to outrun more conservative economies. The use of cryptocurrencies constitutes our chance to achieve rapid economic growth. I would like to express my gratitude to DIIA.Osvita for the timely and useful course”, – the comment of Dmytriy Budorin, CEO Hacken Group. 

Agenda of the series?

During the course, everyone interested will learn about the origins of cryptocurrencies, their growing popularity, how they differ from fiat currencies, what earning potential they have, and what are the options of their use. For its part, the Hacken team will provide information on:

  • Security of crypto wallets and private keys.
  • How to safely store and prevent the loss of personal assets.
  • How to avoid the most popular cons in the crypto world. 
  • 5 recommendations on cybersecurity from experts.
  • Scam, fraud, phishing, hackers, and how to avoid them.
  • Security of accounts on crypto exchanges.

Upon the end of each session you will have the opportunity to reinforce knowledge by completing a short test.

The new technologies such as the Internet and contactless payment used to be strange for us, but now we cannot imagine our life without them. Today, the blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies may be considered as something complicated but not as exceptions, and they play an important role in the modern economic model. By contributing time and resources to learning cybersecurity today,you will feel confident in the future. 

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