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Hacken Year in Review 2018

They say that February is the most depressing time of the year (not counting St.Valentine’s Day). Holidays have just ended and spring is yet to come. It’s cold and nasty. So we at Hacken decided to cheer up and recollect what happened with our company in 2018; all in all, the year was full of events that are worth contemplating.

There is no bad weather in cybersecurity

Last winter was the most fruitful in terms of team assembling. A year ago the key team players joined Hacken and engaged in the working process in full. Last winter we mostly had blockchain and crypto clients: crypto exchanges Kuna and Legolas, Neuromation, and Jibrel Network. HackenProof was launched in beta version and 5 companies entered the platform with private bug bounty programs.

With the first buds, on March 31st we announced the official launch of HackenProof. The five satisfied private clients were OSA, Kuna Crypto Exchange, Interkassa, and NapoleonX. NEVERDIE, an Ethereum-based gaming platform, became the first public clients.

Overall, the spring of 2018 can be named “networking season”. The Hacken team visited Troopers in Germany, a number of blockchain conferences in Hong Kong, China, the Republic of Korea, the UAE, and Malaysia. We met with the representatives of the Japanese government, made friends with Long Hash, and brought 5 large clients from Consensus. In spring we started talking about CER for the first time promising to analyze 18 crypto exchanges instead of 12

Hot summer brought instantaneous fame to CER. World-known media outlets such as Forbes and CoinDesk recognized us as a strong transparency player after publishing our research into BitForex manipulations. In summer we understood what crypto industry needs the most!

HackenProof grew larger and larger: almost 600 white hat hackers were actively testing clients on the platform.

Summer was all about preparation for our renowned hacker conference HackIT 4.0 and product development. We were busy analyzing current market trends and customers’ needs to offer the most suitable cybersecurity services.

Finally, the autumn and cybersecurity conference HackIT. These 4 days must have been the most exciting for us, speakers, and visitors. We visited Chornobyl to witness man-made catastrophe, we discussed complex and sensitive topics at round tables, and we partied like it was the last days after the event.

More than 1k security researchers have been hacking 13 programs on HackenProof . The team started to host and support events, we traveled to give speeches about cybersecurity.

CER has outlined the framework to follow and announced transparency hacking initiative. By that time, we have already collected 700 hot and cold wallets! Our recent research on the BitHumb – one of the top crypto exchanges – rocked, with its help we proved once again our intentions to make crypto a fair and transparent industry.

Despite general crypto downtrend, smart contract audit was the most popular service provided. Most of our clients came from Asia and we managed to engage 3 large non-blockchain companies into the safe side.

Last but not least we opened Cyber School. It’s the place where young cybersecurity talents can learn how to hack from world industry leaders. The education is completely free; the only thing you need is to pass the test .

Also, we’ve released the airdrop of EOSHKN as a part of our vision to expand market presence in the crypto sphere. This is a huge experiment for us, which turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to become a security provider for multiple EOS projects.

The most important discovery of 2018

In terms of the crypto development, 2018 obviously wasn’t the easiest year. We tested many solutions for future arrangement of our tokens like migration from ETH masternodes etc and we’re still looking into what could be the best technology solution for us here. After all, it appeared that the industry is still full of dishonesty and fraud, it’s immature and uncontrolled, which framed our solution to focus on infrastructural and transparency side blockchain and crypto rather than pure technological.

We’ve realized that we don’t have to create a custom blockchain with these and that unique features to be a profitable and needed product in the crypto and IT space. That is why we found out that Hacken should focus on CER and its development — it’s a tool which can make a real difference, bring more trust to crypto and blockchain, and will create a framework for wide adoption of crypto technologies.

CER is the way to organize and develop the crypto industry. Our product can resolve some of the most critical issues crypto followers face. Our goal is to help cryptocurrency grow in an ethical and effective way.

Thus, now we’re offering 4 certifications for crypto exchanges to make them play honest and transparent. We expect 2019 become the year of crypto transparency and revival.

Plans for 2019

We want this year to be successful and progressive. Hacken has huge plans and we’ll strive to achieve them.

In 2019, Hacken will

  • Grow and train brand ambassadors to increase the services distribution in North America, ASEAN, and China.
  • Open sales offices in different regions of the world — Europe and Asia.
  • Target fintech and aviation industries with our cybersecurity expertise.
  • Create a franchise for cyberschool and distribute it around the world.
  • Develop more use cases of HKN and EOSHKN tokens.
  • Integrate HKN as a payment method in third-party crypto payment solutions.
  • Release Evolution paper of the Hacken Ecosystem.
  • Bring voting power to HKN token holders.

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    The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.

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    The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.