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Hacken Report – Spring 2018

By Hacken

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In spring 2018, Hacken made significant progress on all fronts. This includes product updates, team completion, community growth, and an increase in revenue. Step by step, we are becoming a larger, stronger cybersecurity company by improving our tools and methods of protection against cybercriminals.

We consistently attract new talented people to contribute to the development of the Hacken Ecosystem. We did our best to adjust our systems to the GDPR demands, and we even wrote our own white paper on how to comply with the new regulation.

This spring was full of exciting events; here’s an itemized list of our accomplishments over the last quarter.

Clients and Revenue

Countries to which we provided services this spring

The most popular service was the smart contract audit: 15 clients from the USA, Georgia, China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Other 9 clients from the UAE, the USA, China, and Ukraine ordered quality services from Hacken’s experienced pentesters.

Currently, there are 7 bug bounty programs on HackenProof: 4 are public, and 3 are private. You must have heard about our very special private bug bounty client-VeChainThor blockchain. More than 240 white hat hackers are hunting for bugs on the platform, they have already submitted around 77 reports.

BoxMining together with 6 other blockchain startups ordered anti-phishing services in order to protect themselves against fake social media accounts, phishing websites, scamming crypto wallets, and other deceptive attacks that can hijack digital identities and investors’ funds.

Also, upon request, we performed two assessments of the IT infrastructure for American companies and a social engineering assessment for a UAE-based company.

This spring brought us revenue of more than $240 000 in HKN, ETH, BTC, EUR, and USD.

Events in April: 10 Events in 8 Countries

Springtime is always busy, so nearly all Hacken team members were engaged in building brand awareness and making new strategic partnerships at blockchain and crypto conferences worldwide.

It all started on March 12–15 at the technical conference Troopers in Heidelberg, Germany. At Hacken’s booth, one could take part in two challenges “Hack my Ethereum Smart Contract” and “Snatch my key”.

After that, Hacken’s CEO, Dmytro Budorin, made a fruitful trip across Asia. He visited Hong Kong, China, the Republic of Korea, the UAE, and Malaysia.

Hacken’s CEO, Dmytro Budorin, making a speech on Future Blockchain Summit in the UAE

Almost forgot! Yegor Aushev and Evgenia Broshevan, business development director and HackenProof lead manager respectively, visited Japan! They met with the representatives of the Japanese government, a local bug bounty platform members, and even made friends with Long Hash. By the way, Jane recently wrote an article for Long Hash, giving advice on how to protect personal crypto assets.

Meet up with the Japanese government representatives

One of our favorite events took place in the middle of May. Consensus 2018 featured 250+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees from the leading industry companies who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy; thus, Hacken couldn’t miss the summit and promptly headed to NY. We negotiated with 5 large clients and established several strategic partnerships while attending.

Hacken’s sales team representative at Consensus

Community News

Spring would not be the same without the overwhelming support and good vibes from our community. The most important benchmarks are:

  • We reached 4.6k members in Telegram ❤️
  • Almost 3k new people started following us on Twitter!
  • Our SubReddit r/hacken grew from 300 followers to 1k

Since May, we’ve organized several informal meetups with our supporters in different cities worldwide.

Follow our social media accounts to know where the Hacken team will go next.

Tech team at Budapest, meeting the loyal supporters

Team Hacken

The team is stronger than ever and eager to scale new heights!

Our team was joined by a new CFO, COO, 3 new tech guys, CEO’s personal assistant, 2 legal specialists, a HackIt PR manager, and since yesterday a junior graphic designer.

We cherish the positive atmosphere, because we believe genius ideas are born in friendly and supportive communities.

That’s how we greeted our girls with the International Women’s Day

Future Plans

Is that all? Of course not. Our key event of summer will be the launch of CER (Crypto Exchange Ranks), a crypto security and analytics center for comprehensive sustainability and vulnerability assessments of crypto exchanges.

On June 1st, we are providing closed beta access to journalists and crypto celebrities in order to test CER and share their impressions.

On June 15, the CER MVP will be available for everyone!

By the way, did you hear that we decided to analyze not just 12 exchanges for our mvp, but 18? Yes, that’s true! Come June 15th and you’ll be able to critically analyze your favorite crypto exchanges and compare them to their competitors.

One more piece of exciting news! We expect that by the end of June, the automated exchanger for Hacken’s entire ecosystem will operate in full swing as we are now at the final stage of its development. Soon all the operations within the Hacken Ecosystem will be performed solely in HKNs. That’s right; no fiat!

Phew! It seems we haven’t missed a thing. So many amazing events, news, and reasons for joy. Still have questions, or want find a way to get more involved? Join us in our Telegram group! Want to earn crypto and sharpen your white hat skills? Head on over to our official Hacken Researchers group!

The Hacken team works hard daily to provide powerful cybersecurity tools and services for IT and blockchain companies around the world. Together, let’s make the web a better and safer place to live and conduct business securely!

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