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Hacken Quarterly Report | Q1 2019

By Hacken

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What’s going on Hacken Team?

We see this question popping out every now and then in Telegram chat, social media, and even when meeting with partners and community.

Reporting – everything is fine Hacken Family. Some things are going slower than intended, but after all, who has ever said that it would be an easy path. Our marketing department who is in charge of providing communication across several channels is currently going through a revamp. We are bringing on experienced B2B marketers to satisfy our need to engage with enterprise and government.

We’re ready to present our Q1 2019 report and frame the future steps of the Hacken Ecosystem.

This year for the Hacken Ecosystem started with a reflection on 2018, which was definitely not the best year for crypto. However, honest reflection on what we managed to achieve as a team alongside our ecosystem e while also reviewing the challenging points is always a good idea. All this information was addressed in the Hacken Year in Review 2018.

Q1 of 2019 was also full of challenges for the team. We had to do some changes in the team, some people left Hacken, while the new talents came in place. You could have probably noticed Andrew Matthews popping up in a chat every now and then. He decided to take the post of Chief Marketing Officer at Hacken which is a solid improvement for us. Apart from this, let’s get nostalgic and reflect on what happened during the first quarter of 2019.


Everyone, who is watching the weekly updates, knows that since 2019 Hacken has broadened the focus of sales to not only crypto and blockchain companies, but on enterprise clients as well. And this brought a huge success with AirAsia PCI DSS code review performed by Hacken.

For us this was a great day and a huge step towards global recognition not only in crypto and blockchain, but the cybersecurity industry as well. In general, Hacken Ecosystem managed to attract 6 public clients in Q1 2019. We are proud to work with CODEX exchange on their security, which led to further broadening of our cooperation to bug public bug bounty on HackenProof at the very beginning of Q2. We’ve also successfully created a security list in cooperation with EOSPark and finished the audit of EOSBet. Finally, we worked with Electi Consulting and Ambrosus to help them secure their projects. Notably, Ambrosus honored us with both pentest assistance and blockchain security assessment, which resulted in a gorgeous case study.

CER Product Updates

During Q1 2019, CER also went through a bunch of fundamental updates. We’ve finished the second round of transparency hacking initiative and started working on the representation of collected data. Though, we also support the idea that unity is power – so we entered a strategic partnership with Etherscan (adding to Crystal which was already here) to validate the gathered data and get the full picture of blockchain balances of exchanges.

From the user end, the platform became more friendly for visitors, as we’ve released a stable mobile version of https://cer.live/. Apart from that, we’ve continued a series of educational materials on how things are going inside the crypto industry – this time it was a comparison of traditional banks and crypto exchanges.

Finally, we’ve continued the investigations on different exchanges, showing what it really to takes to succeed as an exchange now, and what is bad about this model. This quarter BGOGO and BitMax were under close attention of CER experts

HackenProof updates:

HackenProof is also doing gorgeous. It was featured as a TOP5 Bug Bounty Platform by Immuni Web. It was a pleasure to see that our efforts are recognized and market participants sees the potential in our product. Besides, HackenProof Head of Product, Jane, went to Offensive Con to represent the platform, which went quite well. Also Jane participated in a workshop by American Chamber of Commerce which is a huge step towards cooperation with governmental and nonprofit sector.

Finally, HackenProof decided to set up a special offer for any company which values its security. We offered any business an opportunity to run a Free Trial Bug Bounty. After all, our main aim is to make the internet and digital communication more secure.


Obviously, all these updates, new clients, and partnerships wouldn’t be possible without wise business development and representation of Hacken Ecosystem on different events.

Below is just a small list of them:

  • Binance Blockchain Week – Our CEO Dmitriy Budorin was a mentor at Binance Hackathon and presented CER initiative to the wide public.
  • ETHCC Conference in Paris – our Blockchain Security Lead Pavel Radchuk gave a speech on smart contracts security.
  • ETHCC Conference in Paris – Blockchainhackers Meetup held by our Blockchain Security Lead Pavel Radchuk went awesome and gathered around 60 blockchain security experts. Also in attendance were representatives of Consensys, Trail of Bits, SmartDec, and Parity.
  • DiCyFor, Singapore – Hacken Sales Team participated in an enterprise-oriented cybersecurity conference.

What’s next for Hacken

The Q1 was great and full of challenges for the whole Hacken Ecosystem. We struggled and achieved our best, even when the consequences weren’t the best. These three months Hacken Ecosystem managed to earn as much as $220,000 – we consider it a satisfying result, though always aiming for the better performance.

Also, from the last weekly updates it was obvious that we’re planning a burning event of our token. Besides, the revenue shows that we do need one for sure as a commitment to our WhitePaper. The event will take place at a random time during May 2019.

In general, Q1 2019 was full of events for our Hacken Ecosystem. We made a lot of significant advancements and faced a few challenges, which were overcome with honor. More great things to come, Hacken Family.

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