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Hacken May 2021 in Review

It’s time to present Hacken May in Review, our monthly report describing important events that took place in the company in May!  

Spoiler: May was a real teleport to Summer for Hacken! Why do we think so? Just view the material below and everything will be clear =)

Let us start with Hacken Foundation. We demonstrated amazing results: 2 new great projects were launched within a few days. The main idea behind these projects is to deliver real value to people by making innovative technologies like NFT and DeFi serve them. So, ArtWallet and PureFi are now members of our big family. 

We are very proud to say that Hacken is now the official partner of Solana Foundation. We will combine our efforts to transform Ukraine into the regional or, we hope very much, the global blockchain hub with dozens or even hundreds of new amazing projects creating real value for users launched every year. Ukraine has great blockchain potential and we should not miss the opportunity to make Ukraine a great blockchain country!

In May, we devoted a lot of efforts to bring positive and highly-awaited news to our users. And we did it! Now, our users can buy HAI on KuCoin using their debit/credit cards in just a few clicks via our cooperation with Simplex. What is more, those users who have not withdrawn HKN token from their KuCoin accounts will automatically get HAI in exchange for HKN under the rate 10:1. It is the result of our successful negotiations with the KuCoin team. And, of course, we continued offering attractive opportunities for our community. HAI holders had a chance to participate in the HAI round for the project Lossless. 

And it is a great honour for us that Hacken is becoming a highly recognizable brand on a global scale. We were invited to participate in one of the most expected industry events in May – BlockchainUA Conference and AIBC Summit Dubai and our team leaders had a chance to share Hacken insights with leading industry professionals, investors, top executives, and authorities from Europe, Asia, North America, and other regions. Also, with regard to the success of the #blockchainhackers V conference that took place in April, we did not have any other choice but to organize this conference again! So, everyone who could not visit our event in April had a great chance to feel the atmosphere of the meetup in May during #blockchainhackers VI that took place on 31 May in Dubai.

May 2021 also brought us 20 highly promising cooperations with innovative projects that selected Hacken as their security auditor among various vendors. It is a great achievement for our team! For a better understanding of our progress in May, please view the visual representation provided below.

Please read, like, share, and subscribe to our social media channels. A very hot summer period has already come! This season will keep bringing amazing news for our dear community. Thank you for trusting us. 

We wish you a great Summer and amazing emotions! We will do our best so that at the end of August you will have one more reason to proudly say “It was the best Summer ever!”

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