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Hacken is entering into a partnership with Infodriver Capital

The Middle East region is leading changes in the blockchain world. It’s a great pleasure for the Hacken team to introduce our new partner – Infodriver Capital, the asset management fund and blockchain consulting company based in UAE and Panama. Infodriver Capital is cooperating with innovative blockchain projects and is providing them consulting services as well as assisting in finding marketing opportunities through its links to global influencers.

This partnership will allow Hacken to reach innovative blockchain projects operating in the Middle East region and become their security auditor. Also, since Infodriver Capital is a highly reputable market player in the Middle East, this partnership will have a positive impact on the recognition of the brand Hacken in this region. Infodriver Capital has already promoted the strong market expansion of many projects allowing them to grow from promising startups to solid brands. That is why Hacken considers this partnership as an opportunity that may bring us long-term positive effects. 

Infodriver Capital is an organizer of several leading blockchain events in the UAE and the USA. That is why this partnership gives the Hacken team, as well as the representatives of the Hacken Foundation projects, the chance to establish effective communication with global industry leaders and experts. Hacken team strives to ensure that our name is recognized in every corner of the blockchain world. We are sure that the partnership with Infodriver Capital makes us a few steps closer to reaching this goal. 

Monitor our announcements. New partnerships and cooperations are coming. 

About Infodriver Capital

Infodriver Capital is an asset management fund and blockchain consulting company based in UAE and Panama, that is an active member in the Liquidity Alliance with Ruby Family Office UK. Liquidity Alliance manages around $50 million on the Uniswap and PancakeSWAP exchanges for top-trading volume crypto pairs backed by the IDR (infodriver) utility token. As a fund was an early investor or advisor for top-notch blockchain startups: Toscale, Aimedis, GoldFinX, Coinswap Space, Unix Gaming, Cyber City, Dexstar, JAX Network, Realtize, Leyline, and Omla.

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