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Binosaur.finance is entering into cooperation with Hacken

Hacken security specialists have performed the smart contract audit for Binosaur.finance, the platform developed by XTblock, a Hyper-Capable Network™ that can supercharge blockchain, while also helping to create a new decentralized AI computing and bot computing economy. XTblock’s key competitive advantages are the result of its proprietary time-sharding technology, a uniquely powerful enhancement to blockchain architecture, enabling massive scalability, low latency, and high transaction speeds. At the core of XTblock lies its XTT token. As such, it is applicable across virtually every industry, giving it wide-ranging potential and a very significant value proposition. 

This project has passed 3 stages of smart contract audit. As a result of the first audit, our security engineers detected 5 security issues including 1 high severity and 1 medium severity issues. But the team behind Binosaur.finance introduced the recommended fixes and when conducting the third review, our team has not detected any issues. So, the security status of this project is defined as well-secured. 

This cooperation means that our security engineers have secured >$150 mln, the total value locked on Binosaur.finance. Our security team has gained a strong reputation in the industry and keeps on maintaining these positions.

Hacken is looking forward to introducing new cooperations. Check our updates. 

About XTblock

XTblock is a Hyper-Capable Network™ designed to power a high-performance blockchain, as well as decentralized Bot and AI computing. Thanks to a radically different and powerful architecture, XTblock is scalable, super-fast, and built to complete transactions rapidly – and that makes all the difference. Some applications for XTblock’s versatile technology include Decentralised Live Streaming, Distributed Problem Solving including Distributed Bot Computing and Distributed AI Computing, XTTP (Decentralised HTTP architecture)… plus decentralized applications across several industries, like CeFi, DeFi, Gaming, and far beyond.

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