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Website Speed Up: Ways to Improve Your Website Performance

More frustrating than the process of creating a good website is perhaps the realization that after all, it’s slow. What’s the good in having a perfectly designed website if it takes ages to load?! Want to know how to speed up website loading in the most efficient way? If yes, keep reading!

How website speed influences your business?

Apart from knowing how to speed up a website, it’s also important to understand how load speed affects your business in general. Did you know that it impacts your traffic, conversions, page views and, of course, reputation?

Just a one-second delay in page load time can result in:

  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction;
  • 11% fewer pages views;
  • 7% loss in conversion.

Plus, 47% of people expect website loads to be faster than two seconds, and 40% are very likely to leave your website if it takes them longer than three seconds to load it. Therefore, website speed up does not only encourage your business flourish much faster but also provide your customers with the greater user experience. If that’s one of your ultimate goals, then knowing how to speed up a website can change your whole business tremendously.

Performance testing

Web Performance testing is crucial for website speed up. It aims to test system performance at a given load and provide accurate information on whether the application will support the expected load. This gives you a chance to not only guarantee the excellence of system performances but also identify and fix issues faster. If you don’t want to lose your precious customers, then paying attention to the website speed up services should be your number one priority.
Depending on your objectives, there are a few types of performance testing.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is one of the website speed up services which is designed to test the performance of an application under stressful operating conditions. For example, in conditions of a sudden increase in user activity, an increase in the number of simultaneous users, an increase in data volume, a decrease in network bandwidth, insufficient disk space, etc. This type of testing is usually used to break the application; basically, the test is conducted until the application collapses due to the increased amount of users. Thus, it also assesses the ability of the system to regenerate.

Load Testing

Load testing is considered to be the simplest, yet the most effective type of performance testing. Load testing checks the behavior of the system with an increased number of users (aka specific expected load). This website speed up service can tell you how many users exactly your website can handle. What’s more, it can also provide you with the response times of all the important business transactions (if there are any). This information holds a large amount of value for your business, doesn’t it?

Volume Testing

Volume testing is a non-functional type of Performance testing. It is intended to obtain an assessment of the system performance and stability with increasing data volume. Volume testing is quite often also referred to as flood testing. It allows you to study the influence on system behavior and response time while being exposed to a high volume of data. Benefits of volume testing are as follows:

  • Identification of bottlenecks before it’s too late.
  • Ensuring that a system is ready to be used by real users from around the word.
  • Identifying website speed up issues and, as a result, save money.

Stability/Reliability Testing

Stability or Reliability Testing aims to test the performance of the application during a long average load. You can also encounter this type of testing as Endurance or Soak testing. It is usually conducted to discover whether there’re any memory leaks in your application.

At Hacken, we highly recommend conducting load testing to reach all of your website speed up goals.


Slow response times and poor website performance can not only make your customers turn to your competitors but also hurt your company’s reputation. Therefore, investing in your website speed up is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the expences you might face if you don’t do it. Making your page load times as short as possible is challenging but, thankfully, not unrealistic. It will have a great positive impact both on your overall site performance and your business in general.

Load testing is your must-have website speed up tool which will let you spot and solve the load issues before they bring damage to your website performance results.

Remember, when we talk about the website’s speed load, even one-second matters, so don’t hesitate and start acting right now.

How Hacken can help

Hacken is a global cybersecurity consultancy firm. We allow customers to acquire cybersecurity services in a timely and quality manner. Hacken Ecosystem provides a wide range of cybersecurity services.

Our partners from Hosting Tribunal shared a valuable infographics for you to know the figures and numbers how speed affects your business success.

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